Banners at McNeese is a financially self-sustaining organization within McNeese State University dedicated to providing the community with access to exceptional arts and humanities programming and education through arts integration that is unique to the area. Banners’ programs focus on lifelong learning and an appreciation of cultural diversity, working to enhance the quality of life in the communities of Southwest Louisiana.

Banners at McNeese has multiple aspects and functions, including the following:

Banners Cultural Season

Through the Cultural Season, we present live performances each spring. Those performances include classical and jazz music, readings, illusionists, academic lectures, film, world music and more. The roster of each Season is chosen by a group of volunteers that review possible artists and choose the best for our community. Our community volunteers also participate as ticket takers, hospitality providers, outreach assistants and photographers.

Banners Engages

Banners Engages includes live presentations at no cost to public and parochial schools, presentations in Parish Public Libraries, students of McNeese State University and other community venues. Our program works to increase the number of students that experience live cultural programming, increase the number of hours of arts and humanities programming, and supplement the curriculum with prepared materials.

Banners on the Move

The Banners on the Move program makes the arts accessible in every day situations, from the lobby of a local business to the employee lunchroom of a local industry. This community-based activity brings our artists in direct contact with a more diverse demographic.

Banners Presents

Provides one-time opportunities to experience unique performances in our community.

Banners Collaborates

We create alliances to plan and present cultural programs in partnership with other organizations for the enjoyment of our community.