ZEB HOGAN – Host of National Geographic’s Monster Fish

Zeb Hogan

TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 2018  | 7 PM

Parra Ballroom, Holbrook Student Union, McNeese State University
FREE and open to the public

The travels of Zeb Hogan, research assistant professor in the College of Science, has taken him from Mongolia to the Pacific Northwest, Thailand to Australia. The purpose? A singular focus for finding, studying and protecting the world’s largest freshwater fish, an effort to bring attention to the growingly fragile freshwater ecosystems and their endangered inhabitants. These megafish are defined as being six feet long and 200 pounds—or larger. Partnering with National Geographic, Hogan documents his travels on the Nat Geo television show, Monster Fish, now in a sixth year of production.

Zeb’s vision is to help preserve the delicate balance and thoughtful coexistence between humans and their environments, especially as it relates to endangered freshwater fish.  Through his research and outreach he focuses on the most threatened and endangered of those- the largely forgotten and misunderstood megafish- fish longer than six feet and larger than 200 pounds. The need for healthy freshwater ecosystems is ever increasing while the threats to those very structures accelerates. Hogan is driven to use education to incite world-wide recognition of the urgency of his cause.